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You can have weekly ads or an instant advertisement for your business. Which do you think would be the most effective? LED displays provide the perfect alternative to traditional advertising methods. They also let you stand out from your competition.

No matter what your retail business, you can increase revenues as much as 50% for advertised products and services with an LED display. The signs are full motion and color for added appeal to drive-by customers. Full motion graphics help deliver your message clearly to customers.

Whether you want to showcase the latest products or display a message about a sudden sale, LED displays are the best way to get your message across. You have full control over your display at all times. When you want to change what’s displayed, you can do so quickly and easily. No hassles, no waiting.

LED displays are also the perfect addition inside your business. Once you have customers inside, catch their attention with specials and deals to take advantage of impulse buys. Since the message can be changed throughout the day, you keep customers informed the moment prices or products change.

While the ways you can implement an LED display in your retail business are almost endless, a few ideas include:

  • Advertise daily and hourly specials
  • Post job openings
  • Advertise in store events
  • Keep customers entertained with streaming news headlines
  • Promote special offers, such as layaway and financing options

In a highly competitive retail world, an advertising solution guaranteed to attract customers is vital. LED displays are low cost and highly effective. They require very little maintenance and let you change the message the moment anything in your business changes. Appeal to existing customers and help draw in even more business than ever before.

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