About Us -

Turnkey based LED based display solutions are the most effective way to get your messages and information across. Whether you use them inside or out, an LED display is the cost effective advertising solution. Using LED lighting and displays helps you turn your company green. They use far less energy than other lighting solutions and last far longer.


Rockstar Digital is an innovative LED based digital display solution provider. We produce the highest quality LED display solutions on the market. We have spent six years focused solely on ensuring our LED solutions not only meet, but exceed industry standards.

Our business is not only LEDs, but the needs of our customers. We match you to the LED solution that’s right for you. Our company goes the extra mile to ensure the displays and lighting are working perfectly for your business and vision. We are not happy until our customers are happy.

Who We Are

At Rockstar Digital, we have worked hard to not only create digital display solutions, but taken the time to work out any and every kink. When we provide a complete solution, you will know it works. We are different than many other companies which simply work as a middleman to meet your LED based digital display needs.

With us, you can be confident our LED technology works. Why? Because we utilize it ourselves. We would never ask you to trust our products if we didn’t trust them ourselves. Rockstar Digital has spent years perfecting LED technology and is ready to pass this experience on to our customers.

Our Mission

The job shouldn’t end with us setting up a display. Our mission is to help you fully understand the technology you have at your fingertips. When you don’t know how to use the technology, there is no way to fully utilize it.

This is where we take customer service a step further. As digital display specialists, we will fully train you in how to use your custom solution. From setting up new messages on your display to maintaining the LEDs themselves, we walk you through the process step by step. We are also there to answer any questions you have and not just when we set up your LED technology.

We want our clients to reach the goals they have in mind. Rockstar Digital makes the customer a priority. We want you to get the most value out of the LED technology we provide. Though we have a one year warranty, we are so confident that we offer the best LED displays, we will gladly match any competitor’s warranty if it exceeds ours.

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