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Restaurants are famous for daily and even hourly specials. With a traditional sign, you are limited as to what you can advertise. A breakfast special may stay up all day because there is simply no time to change the message. An LED display eliminates the restraints and gives you control over what to display all day long.

LED displays have become the most effective way to reach both walk-in and drive-by customers. In fact, messages on these displays help increase revenue by up to 50% for advertised specials. With LED displays easy to set up and cost effective, you see the profits faster than with any other advertising medium.

Hungry diners drive by your restaurant every single day. They could choose you or pass you by because they didn’t know about your specials. Maybe they aren’t sure what they want. Full color images of your meals could be the deciding factor. With LED displays, you can display not just one meal, but multiple meals which appear one after another.

It can take a week or more for traditional advertising to even reach potential diners. Why wait when you can target your audience immediately? An LED display outside your restaurant draws in customers. An LED display inside helps draw attention to specific specials, including dine in or take out only specials.

A few ways restaurants use LED displays every day include:

  • Advertise specials throughout the day
  • Promote additional services, such as catering
  • Showcase specific meals
  • Show the latest temperature and time
  • Make diners aware of your restaurant’s specialties

Any solution which is easy to manage, cost effective and draws in customers is perfect for your restaurant. With full color or monochrome displays, you choose exactly how your message looks at any time.

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