Indoor LED Displays -

Rockstar Digital offers a wide range of products to serve every part of the market such as hotels, auditoriums, gymnasiums, indoor halls, multi-functional banquet facilities, command and control center, stock exchanges, manufacturing environments, stage, theater, live deisng, etc.

All of our outdoor led display products are IP65 rated and deliver high resolution full color images with unequalled brightness and contrast levels. The outdoor led display products have longer viewing distance and clearer display effect.

Key Benefits

  • Ultra high brightness with low power consumption
  • Software adjustable refresh rate (greater than 480 Hz)
  • High contras ratio (3000:1) with black mask and black coating
  • Wide viewing angle (greater than 140° in horizontal & >60° vertical)
  • Very low noise due to fan-less design
  • Fast and easy to install and dismantle
  • High reliability and long lifespan (MTBF ≥ 5000 hours)
Rockstar Digital’s Indoor LED Display Models
  RD-IND-4 RD-IND-6 RD-IND-7.62 RD-IND-8 RD-IND-10
Pixel Configuration SMD 2121 SMD 3528 SMD 3528 SMD 3528 SMD 3528
Pixel Pitch 4mm 6mm 7.62mm 8mm 10mm
Scan Rate 1/16 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/4
Pixel Density 62,500 27,778 17,222 15,625 10,000
Module Size 128x128mm 192x192mm 122x244mm 128x256mm 160x320mm
Gray Scale 4K-64K 4K-64K 4K-64K 4K-64K 4K-64K
Viewing Angle 150°H, 150°V 150°H, 150°V 150°H, 150°V 150°H, 150°V 150°H, 150°V
Brightness 2,500 nits 3,000 nits 2,000 nits 1,500 nits 2,000 nits
Max. Power Input 576W/Cabinet 737W/Cabinet 737W/Cabinet 737W/Cabinet 829W/Cabinet
Cabinet Size 640x640mm 768x768mm 975x975mm 1024x1024mm 960x960mm

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