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Sports are all about getting the crowd involved. Basic digital scoreboards are quickly becoming a thing of the past. A few number don’t really excite anyone. An LED display, on the other hand, allows you to show far more than just numbers.

LED displays aren’t just for displaying scores at sporting events. Place one outside your venue to increase awareness and build excitement for upcoming events. They are proven to increase profits for sporting events. The more people know about upcoming events, the more likely they are to come out.

While inside your arena or stadium, visitors love seeing full color LED displays with full motion graphics. Build your fans up with the image of someone hitting a home run or kicking a field goal just before or after a big play. Showcase every player with a picture and their main stats.

LED displays let you show the scores in real time along with remaining time, scores from other popular games, time and weather information. Why would visitors go elsewhere when everything is in one place? LED displays are exciting and increase visitor awareness.

When people drive by your sports venue, they pay little attention to it unless there is something going on. During the off time, pique their interest with details about upcoming sporting events or even community events. Appealing to the local audience is proven to increase revenue quicker than traditional advertising methods.

These displays help fill seats. They are easy to maintain and use, allowing you to change messages at any time. Use LED displays to make your sports venue even more successful by:

  • Advertising upcoming events
  • Displaying ads from sponsors
  • Promote snack and drink specials during events
  • Showcase details about athletes
  • Encourage fan involvement
  • Inform fans about postponed events

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