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Schools have more than their share of information to provide to students, parents and staff. While ads in newspapers, flyers and local news helps spread the message, a quicker way is through an LED display. The message is updated instantly and reaches far more people.

An LED display can be used both inside and outside the school to ensure the latest updates are displayed prominently. Think how much attention your display would get with your school’s mascot displayed along with scrolling details of upcoming athletic events. People respond well to LED displays and remember the information better than traditional methods.

When using an LED display inside your schools, you can display important events, such as assemblies. You can also remind students of upcoming workdays or exam schedules. With both full color and monochrome options, you choose the right LED display to meet your needs.

While some events are scheduled in advance, some messages need to be changed quickly, such as a weather related closing or delay. Instead of sending someone outside to change a physical message, update your LED display from your computer. The message is changed within minutes, quickly and easily.

Fundraisers and school events are far more popular and effective with and LED display. This lets everyone know exactly what’s going on in their local schools. They can add their support and head to their favorite event.

There are numerous ways to put an LED display to use in your school or district. With maintenance being almost non-existent, these displays provide cost effective ways to:

  • Publicize school events, such as sports and arts
  • Welcome visitors to your campus
  • Announce teacher workdays, school start times and dates
  • Display weather warnings and school closings
  • Add graphics to your digital scoreboard

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