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Churches offer a lot to their congregations and community. However, many people are unaware of what their local churches truly offer. An LED display keeps the entire community informed at all times. While these displays are commonly used to bring in additional business, places of worship greatly benefit as well.

Churches regularly have community events. While the congregation may know, others in the community may not. When they drive to work or school, an LED display shows your message in full color. Not only can you display your message, but you can add an image behind it to help people remember.

Many churches also contain schools, libraries and gyms. LED displays inform members about what your church has to offer. Someone looking for certain services are more likely to join your congregation if they know what you offer upfront.

Your worship center could always use more members. Let potential members know you exist, including worship times. With younger members, an LED display makes your church feel more age appropriate. The easy to read display is perfect for all ages.

Since LED displays are energy efficient, the cost of maintaining the sign is low. Displays are low cost and allow you to have full control over the sign’s contents. You can update the message quickly without manually changing letters or displaying banners which are damaged quickly by nature.

Just a few ways your place of worship can use an LED display include:

  • Display worship and prayer times
  • Advertise community events
  • Invite new members
  • Direct guests for weddings and events
  • Share daily spiritual statements
  • Recognize members of the staff or congregations

An LED display is an important investment in your place of worship. You can keep members and the community informed while growing your congregation.

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