Nightclubs -

Nightclubs are the place to go if you want to dance and have a good time. However, if no one knows anything about your nightclub, an empty room isn’t exactly fun. If you want to get the message out about your establishment, an LED display is the best way to increase business quickly.

Odds are, hundreds of potential customers drive by your nightclub on their way to work or while shopping each and every day. A boring static sign with your logo and maybe the days you’re open just isn’t enough to catch anyone’s attention.

LED displays give you far more options. Display a message that literally moves. Give potential customers a glance inside your club with full color graphics. Get them interested and they will come. LED displays are eye catching and help generate up to 50% more revenue than other advertising methods.

Each day, a nightclub has different specials, entertainment and events. Traditional displays are difficult to change. Should a last minute change occur, updating a display is impossible. With LED displays, you update your message anytime, day or night, within minutes.

Create a concert like atmosphere within your nightclub. Run a live LED feed on the artist performing or add to the stage lighting with cool effects that add to the excitement. Create a true nightlife experience with a versatile LED display.

With nightclubs typically open at night, you want a sign that stands out in the dark. LED displays are bright and easy to read day and night. When you add a display to your nightclub, you may use them to:

  • Advertise drink specials
  • Show the current and upcoming songs
  • Promote special nights, such as “No cover tonight!”
  • Advertise live talent
  • Display operating hours

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