Municipalities -

Though a municipality is typically seen as small, there are still important messages to send out daily. Large, clunky signs are hard to update. Letters fall off the signs and banner type messages rip easily. You spend more time and money replacing equipment than getting any use out of it.

An LED display is the answer to these problems. They are energy efficient and low cost. They also take little time to setup. Once setup, they are easy to maintain and allow you to update them on the fly from a computer. Updating becomes something fun and easy, instead of a chore.

Your community should always be informed of the latest events, meetings and changes. What better way to do this than through a state of the art LED display? The bright, easy to read display quickly informs residents of local happenings and important government meetings, votes and results.

An outdoor LED display is immune to weather. The message displays perfectly day and night, rain or shine. Should the time for an important meeting change, let the community and staff know immediately. If weather causes a closing, post this quickly. Within minutes, your message is running for everyone to see.

Your municipality shouldn’t be something obscure. An LED display makes your community aware that you’re there. It attracts attention better than any other type of message board or sign. Municipalities choosing to use an LED display see an increase in community involvement and help brand their area.

Besides becoming a staple in the community, here are a few ways you could be using an LED display right now:

  • Display information on community events
  • Show results of important government votes
  • Display weather and time information
  • Advertise local projects and attractions
  • Direct visitors inside government buildings

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