Medical -

Everyday people drive by hospitals, pharmacies and clinics. Seldom do they know much more than the business’s name. With an LED display, drive-by and current visitors and customers discover far more about your medical facility.

With millions of people requiring prescriptions every month, everyone is looking for ways to save. An LED display is the perfect way to let potential customers know exactly what your prescription rates are, along with any specials you may have for transferring their prescription. A plain, traditional sign doesn’t attract enough attention.

These displays have been proven to increase revenues by appealing to more customers. All types of medical facilities can benefit from a low cost, low maintenance LED display to:

  • Direct staff/visitors for parking
  • Direct visitors to the correct areas of the hospital
  • Advertise vaccinations/flu shots schedule
  • Advertise specials on medications and prescriptions
  • Display community health clinic dates

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