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LED displays are perfect for most every business, including hotels. No matter what type of hotel or resort you own, you will benefit by advertising with an LED sign. Unlike other types of advertising, LED displays are cost effective and provide a quick turnaround time.

Since you can update the message on your sign at any point during the day, you are able to keep people informed about special rates or hotel activities. This dynamic alternative to traditional signs is what makes LED displays stand out from the rest.

In order to fill rooms, many hotels reduce their rates throughout the day. Certain rooms have different rates and even package specials. To remain competitive and entice guests, these rates need to be advertised as soon as they change. This is exactly what an LED display can offer your hotel.

While outdoor displays work well for showcasing rates and rooms, indoor displays work well for directing visitors within the hotel. They can also be used to showcase local attractions, along with any hotel discounts to the attractions. Both indoors and out, an LED display brings additional value to your hotel which you can’t find through traditional methods.

LED displays are easy to manage, meaning less time spent changing signs or placing cardboard displays inside. Whenever you need to change your message, all it takes is a few minutes and a full color image appears on your sign.

Just a few of the uses for LED displays in hotels include:

  • Offer spur of the moment room rates
  • Direct conference visitors to the correct rooms
  • Advertise upcoming events at the hotel
  • Display images of your rooms in all their glory
  • Advertise meal specials for your hotel’s restaurant

It takes less than a day to set up an LED display. You keep full control over your message to ensure it’s always effective.

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