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Federal and military facilities have a wide variety of messages to display on a daily basis. Most organizations don’t simply because of the hassle of setting up new signs or changing letters one by one. When nature tends to damage these signs quickly, the cost and work isn’t worth the time.

LED displays offer a different solution. Instead of manually updating your display daily or throughout the day, use computer software to change your message from the comfort of your office. You can literally make changes within minutes.

Many federal buildings have meetings and community events throughout the week. An LED display outside helps inform the community of upcoming events. A display inside helps direct visitors to the appropriate floor and room. The best way to get the community involved in government is to let them know when they can join in the conversation.

Military organizations often display messages about helping send aid to soldiers and where to park. They also run messages for any emergency information, such as AMBER alerts. Instead of a plain message, an LED display lets the message become patriotic with a waving flag background.

LED displays are energy efficient, durable and withstand the elements. They are a cost effective solution to typical message boards and signs. The displays catch the attention of passers-by and always keep them informed with the latest events, meetings and important alerts.

An LED display is the easiest way to get your message across to the community and visitors. Changes are immediate and there is no need to wait for a newspaper article or word of mouth to get the word out. A few of the uses for federal and military organizations include:

  • Display upcoming meetings
  • Advertise community events
  • Show weather and emergency alerts
  • Display parking information
  • Promote upcoming issues for votes

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