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LED displays aren’t only the signs of the future, they are one of the best marketing tools for today as well. Dealerships using a digital sign can increase their sales by up to 150%. This is an increase you can’t afford not to have.

Everyday hundreds and even thousands of people drive by your dealership or service center. A simple sign with your company logo or a quick sales message just isn’t enough. People see plenty of this daily and tend to ignore the plain displays.

An LED display catches the attention of passers by. The full color displays do what traditional display can’t – add light and motion to your messages. A display which actually changes to display not one, but multiple messages, including the logos of the automotive models you sell, not only gets attention, but sticks with drivers.

You don’t have to get rid of your traditional advertising, but adding an LED display begins to increase your profits in just a few months. The content you create helps to brand your dealership. The best part – you control the content. Whenever you have a new promotion or new model, feature it on the display. If you have afternoon service specials, add this to your LED display.

Automotive centers are busy. The last thing you need is an advertising solution that’s hard to manage. LED displays are economical and require very little maintenance.

A few of the ways you might use this display include:

  • Show off the newest models
  • Showcase instant specials for oil changes and tune ups
  • Advertise special rebates and warranty programs
  • Display competitive pricing on used cars
  • Inform the community with weather and news
  • Announce sponsored events for the community

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